Anal-shot (anal shape design)

Anal Shot is a treatment that applies the M-Shot vaginal reshaping treatment to the anus. It involves injecting hyaluronic acid or non-absorbable filler material into the anus to improve its tightness and create a more pleasurable shape for insertion, from the partner’s perspective. The purpose of this treatment can be broadly categorized into two aspects:

Enhancing Anal Sex Experience

For those who engage in anal sex, the goal is to enhance pleasure for oneself and one’s partner. This treatment may be sought to improve the sensation, satisfy the partner, or address issues related to laxity resulting from frequent anal intercourse.

Preventing Fecal Incontinence

For individuals experiencing fecal incontinence due to factors such as excessive anal sex, hemorrhoid treatment, or congenital laxity, this treatment offers a potential solution. Unlike surgical procedures that involve cutting and suturing, which require time for natural healing and carry risks of infection, injecting filler material such as hyaluronic acid allows for a quicker recovery. The injection site typically heals within one night, enabling bowel movements the following day or soon after, without the risk of reopening the treated area or complications associated with infection from fecal matter.


Hyaluronic acid (lasts about 6 months)¥71,500 /1cc
Super hyaluronic acid (lasts about 6 years)¥214,500 /1cc