Glans enlargement

Penile enlargement surgery involves injecting substances such as hyaluronic acid into the glans to increase its size. This treatment not only enlarges the glans but also enlarges the base part known as the corona, acting as a stopper for the foreskin. Additionally, it thickens the skin of the glans, which can also be effective in treating premature ejaculation. Moreover, there are treatment methods aimed at increasing blood flow to facilitate the growth of the corona at the base of the glans. This treatment method is also effective as a treatment for erectile dysfunction simultaneously.

The benefits of treatment

Penile enlargement surgery can be beneficial for certain cases of phimosis treatment. Additionally, it contributes to aesthetic improvement. There are also men who, despite not having phimosis, feel insecure about the size of their glans or penis as a whole. Resolving such insecurities can lead to increased confidence. Since insecurities can also be a cause of erectile dysfunction, it is recommended for those who are concerned.


Hyaluronic acid (lasts about 6 months)¥71,500 /1cc
Super hyaluronic acid (lasts about 6 years)¥214,500 /1cc
Reconstruction (lasts permanently)¥357,500 /1cc
Reconstruction (lasts permanently)¥572,000 /2cc