Honda’s non-cutting longitudinal surgery

Long penile surgery is a treatment aimed at increasing the length of the penis.

The penis is not only external but also embedded within the body. Lengthening surgery involves pulling out and fixing the part of the penis that is buried inside the body.

When fat accumulates in the lower abdomen, it can cause the penis to appear shorter by becoming embedded in the fat. Some clinics perform surgery to extract the embedded part by suctioning the fat. However, this procedure may require cutting, and even if the fat above the penis is reduced, the upper fat may sag down, necessitating the suctioning of all abdominal fat. Moreover, there are risks such as significant bleeding associated with this procedure.

At the Honda Hills Tower Clinic, we do not adopt such treatment methods. The part of the penis inside the body is embedded in the lower abdomen. Although there may be sagging in that area, it is stretched out and pulled outwards without making any incisions. While some clinics use incision methods for this, the Honda Hills Tower Clinic employs a more challenging but non-incision method.

In reality, there are very few clinics that offer this treatment.

The benefits of treatment

Phimosis can also be improved by adjusting the length of the foreskin and penis. In other words, instead of cutting off excess skin, it is possible to lengthen the penis so that there is no excess skin. This can also lead to cosmetic improvements. Some men who do not have phimosis may still feel self-conscious about having a short penis. Resolving such insecurities can lead to increased confidence.

Furthermore, in the case of non-surgical long penile and enlargement procedures, there is minimal scarring, so even if observed, it is unlikely that the surgery has been performed. Additionally, the downtime until returning to daily life is minimal. The wounds are only about the size of needle holes, and there is hardly any bleeding.


Honda’s non-cutting longitudinal surgery¥715,000