G-shot (G-spot enlargement)

The G-Spot Enhancement Treatment involves injecting hyaluronic acid or similar substances into the G-spot to create elevation. By elevating the G-spot and narrowing the vagina, the intimacy between the G-spot and the male organ increases. As a result, greater pleasure can be derived from sexual intercourse, and male pleasure is also enhanced.


The G-spot is a highly sensitive area where nerves are concentrated. By touching this area, women can experience deep and intense pleasure. Generally, the G-spot can be reached by inserting a finger into the vagina and bending the second joint at about a 45-degree angle. However, in cases where the pubic bone is more prominent, it may be necessary to bend the finger at a 90-degree angle to reach it.

G-Spot and Sex

Depending on the angle of the pubic bone, the male organ may not directly stimulate the G-spot during intercourse, preventing the woman from experiencing orgasm through vaginal stimulation. Continuing sexual activity without realizing this can lead to frustration for women, as they may not find pleasure or joy in sex, leading to concerns about anorgasmia.


The procedure involves local anesthesia applied to the G-spot, followed by the injection of hyaluronic acid or similar substances. The procedure takes approximately 5 minutes, with a hospital stay of under 30 minutes. After the procedure, if desired, it is possible to further enhance the G-spot by injecting more substance to increase elevation.

Duration of Effect

Hyaluronic acid is gradually absorbed by the body. Therefore, the elevation of the G-spot will gradually return to its original state over time. You can choose between a short-term effect lasting about six months or a long-term effect lasting about six years, but if you want the effect to last longer, repeat treatments are necessary.


The filler used in our clinic, including hyaluronic acid, is the safest option available, despite its higher cost. It has no adverse effects on the body. Additionally, improvements in urinary incontinence have been reported. By elevating the vagina, the urethra also tightens, leading to fewer incidents of urinary leakage when standing up suddenly or sneezing, which has brought joy to many patients.


Hyaluronic acid (lasts about 6 months)¥71,500 /1cc
Super hyaluronic acid (lasts about 6 years)¥214,500 /1cc