GINZA ODA CLINIC’s Ledar ej treatment

In conventional and typical treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED), medications like Viagra were used orally to dilate blood vessels and promote erections. However, these oral medications widen blood vessels throughout the body, making it impossible to prescribe them to patients with certain medical conditions.

On the other hand, at Ginza Oda Clinic, leveraging over 20 years of experience and expertise in regenerative medicine and cell culture processing, we have developed and prescribed a proprietary medication containing stem cell culture supernatant specifically for the treatment of ED. This medication is administered directly to induce vasodilation.

It has already been clinically applied to numerous cases, leveraging research and achieving high satisfaction rates.

  • Treatment is possible even for individuals with underlying conditions.
  • It does not involve any pain.
  • Its scientific effectiveness has been proven.
  • We rigorously conduct quality control in-house, ensuring its safe use.
  • Those who have actually undergone the treatment have reported high levels of satisfaction.

Treatment Process

Appointment Booking

You can easily make an appointment via our website.
Please feel free to contact us.

Medical Interview and Examination

In addition to a medical interview with the doctor, we conduct general blood tests (such as liver function, diabetes, hormone, and lipid tests) and urine tests for diagnosis. In some cases, an erectile function test may be conducted.

Treatment and Explanation

Doctor will explain the treatment effects and potential side effects, and obtain your consent. We determine a specific treatment plan and provide instructions on self-injection methods and storage of medications. To evaluate the effectiveness, we schedule a follow-up appointment two weeks later.



This treatment is not covered by health insurance, so all costs are self-pay.
Since the tests conducted may vary depending on the patient’s symptoms and health condition, the treatment costs vary for each individual.