M-shot (vaginal shape design)

G-Shot is a treatment primarily aimed at increasing sensitivity on the female side, whereas M-Shot is a treatment developed by Dr. Honda mainly to enhance sensitivity on the male side.

※ G-Shot® and M-Shot® are registered trademarks of this clinic.

In addition, the “M” in M-Shot is derived from “Meiki” (a term meaning “excellent tool” or “great pleasure” in Japanese).

Background of M-Shot Development

M-Shot was developed with the intention of satisfying the strong tendency among Japanese women to want their partners to feel good more than themselves.

As a male physician, Dr. Honda understands the points of sensitivity on the male side that female physicians may not grasp accurately. It is because Dr. Honda is male that he can achieve this, and that is what M-Shot is all about.

Creating Meiki

● Tawara-zime: create narrow spots deep in the vagina.

● Ikura: create numerous irregularities on the opposite side of the G-spot.

● Kinchaku: create a narrow vaginal opening and strong tightening of the male organ.

● Kazunoko Ceiling: create numerous irregularities at the cervix, providing repeated stimulation to the male organ.

● Takotsubo: create a narrow spot deep inside.

● Mimizu Senbiki: create long, intertwining folds.

Usually, the treatment is performed using hyaluronic acid, which is absorbed by the body over time.

At the patient’s request, it is also possible to use a filler that does not disappear permanently and maintains its shape indefinitely.

For more information, please inquire during a free consultation.


Hyaluronic acid (lasts about 6 months)¥71,500 /1cc
Super hyaluronic acid (lasts about 6 years)¥214,500 /1cc