Anal Procedure

What is Anal Procedure

This treatment involves injecting hyaluronic acid or non-absorbable filler materials into the anus to improve the tightness of the anus and create a design for enhanced sexual enjoyment with a partner.

We wholeheartedly support all couples, regardless of their physical gender, in improving the quality of their sex life and leading a happier life 🙂

Improving Sexual Wellness

When it comes to sex, it’s natural to want to make it more enjoyable, please your partner, be chosen, or even prevent infidelity. Some people pursue these goals, while others seek to address issues like a loosening of the anus from overuse, which can lead to reduced pleasure compared to before.

Similar to the G-Shot for vaginal rejuvenation, there are methods that focus on enhancing sensitivity by targeting the male prostate on the opposite side.

Prevention of Fecal Incontinence

This procedure is intended for individuals who have experienced anal sex, or those who suffer from fecal incontinence due to reasons such as hemorrhoid treatment or congenital conditions. These individuals may constantly wear diapers or sanitary pads, experiencing inconvenience.

While one might think that a simple stitching procedure could solve the issue, merely suturing does not lead to the desired tightening effect. Instead, an incision is made using techniques like electrocautery to harness the body’s natural healing ability. However, during the healing process, which can take from two weeks to a month, it is not advisable to have bowel movements. Attempting to do so before complete healing can worsen the wound and nullify the treatment’s purpose. Moreover, due to the presence of coliform bacteria in feces, there is a risk of infection.

In contrast, treatments involving injections of filler materials like hyaluronic acid are less invasive. The wounds from the injection needles typically close overnight, allowing for bowel movements the next day or the day after without significant issues.

As of September in the 5th year of Reiwa (2023), this specific treatment is available at only one clinic in Japan (Honda Hills Tower Clinic).