RENOVA-ED Treatment (Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy)

This is an ED treatment widely performed worldwide, which is a fundamental therapy that irradiates the penis with extremely low-intensity shockwaves to produce new capillaries.

Mechanism of New Blood Vessel Generation by RENOVA

With aging, the number of blood vessels in the penis decreases in everyone, and there is also a decrease in the function of the blood vessels. As a result, erectile dysfunction occurs.

RENOVA is a shockwave therapy machine dedicated to ED treatment that irradiates the penis corpus cavernosum with low-intensity shockwaves. As a result, in the penis corpus cavernosum, cell proliferation factors that create blood vessels are released, and new blood vessels are generated. Old endothelial cells of the blood vessels are also regenerated. As the function of the corpus cavernosum rejuvenates, blood flow to the corpus cavernosum increases, leading to improvement in erectile dysfunction.

Decrease in the number of blood vessels in the penis.

Blood vessels before irradiation

Cell proliferation factors that create blood vessels are released, and new blood vessel generation.

Blood vessels after irradiation

It was selected as the first choice for ED treatment at the European Association of Urology in 2013, and has since become widely spread, with its efficacy and safety confirmed in studies in Europe and the United States.

Features of RENOVA (Renova)

  • Improvement of vascular erectile dysfunction.
  • Treatment is stress-free for patients as it is hands-free.
  • Treatment of the root cause without relying on medication.
  • Non-invasive, painless, and does not require anesthesia.
  • No reports of side effects.
  • Requires fewer treatment sessions and has a shorter treatment period.

Recommended for

  • Those who cannot take ED medication due to medical conditions.
  • Those for whom ED medication is not very effective.
  • Those who want fundamental ED treatment.
  • Those concerned about the side effects of ED medication.

The following individuals cannot undergo shockwave therapy:

  • Those with severe blood disorders.
  • Those who have had a myocardial infarction or arrhythmia within the past 6 months before treatment.
  • Those who have developed malignant tumors.
  • Those taking anticoagulants.
  • Those with thrombosis.
  • Children in the growth stage.
  • Those with purulent diseases at the shockwave irradiation site.

Treatment Schedule

Treatment is administered once a week for approximately 30 minutes. One course of treatment lasts for 4 weeks, with a total of 4 sessions. No anesthesia is required.

Day 1: Consultation, hormone testing, first treatment (irradiation)
Week 2: Second treatment (irradiation)
Week 3: Third treatment (irradiation)
Week 4: Fourth treatment (irradiation)

For elderly patients, the number of treatments may be extended to 2 courses.

Prices for RENOVA-ED Treatment

1 session¥114,400
2 sessions¥214,500
1 Course: 4 sessions¥414,700
1.5 Courses: 6 sessions¥614,900
2 Courses: 8 sessions¥800,800
From the 9th session onwards¥92,950
All prices include consumption tax.